Announcement: Bodybuilding Programs of All Kinds

October 1st, 2009
Everyone makes the decision to work out for a different reason, but the good news is there is a bodybuilding program for every one of them.  So no matter if you are going for that six pack that could be used to wash cloths or looking for those huge bodybuilding arms, there is something out there for you.  Before a decision is made on what program is best, it is good to have a general rundown of the bodybuilding programs and what they are designed for.  Bodybuilding programs can be most easily broken down in what they are designed to do; once the decision has been made on what needs to be done, you have the option of picking a specific program on how to do it.

Strength Training Programs:
In these programs the main focus will be overall power and stay in a repetition (rep) range of 1-6; staying in a weight of range of greater then 80% or your one-rep-maximum lift (1RM).  This will help in overall size of your muscles by putting them under a great deal of stress; and the strength will be a great help if you decide to start working on hypertrophy and definition, allowing you to lift more weight for more reps.  There are really not too many technical terms for this type of lifting, really just the overall idea of pushing more weight!  You can find millions of “Olympic power lifting” workouts and “ways to increase your 1RM!” workouts everywhere, the most common lifting scheme of these type of workouts will be “pyramid sets.”  These sets are designed to get your body ready to lift as much weight as possible by increasing weight while decreasing reps each set; e.g. (weight x reps) 225 x 5, 235 x 4, 245 x 3, 255 x 2, and 265 x 1. This bodybuilding program will not be of much help to cardio or fat-loss, but if your goal is to become stronger, this program is a must!
Weight-Loss Bodybuilding Programs:
These programs will appeal to a wide verity of individuals; whether trying to get super “skinny” for a bathing suit appearance or are over-weight and are just dying to get the pounds off.
It is very important to note a HUGE error in the thinking of thousands if not MILLIONS of people!  Many wonder why they would ever incorporate weights into a weight loss program; the thinking is as follows, if muscle weighs more and will be bulky then why would I ever want it?  The truth is because muscle is an AMAZING THING!  Unlike fat which just sits in your body like a jiggly clump; you can make muscle appear long and slender or as ripped and bulky as you want,  depending on the program you CHOOSE!  Muscle will also increase your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) or the amount of calories you burn doing NOTHING!  Muscle is your friend in life and you should be doing what ever you can to keep it, do not avoid it!

The best programs for weight loss will be anything that keeps your heart rate elevated and provides some resistance for your muscles.  Cycles are the best for this and are very easy to find and perform.  This will be a number or exercises that you perform for a certain amount of time, rest and then repeat.  A great example would be:
Walking lunges x 30seconds
Push-ups x 30seconds
Pull-ups or pull-downs x 30seconds
Increased speed jog x 30seconds
Rest 2 minutes and start again, do this 3-4 times and you have finished the cycle
In any bodybuilding program that you find for weight loss the rep range should be 15 or over, and there are allot of programs out there so be educated on what you pick!  Another important difference is weight loss and fat loss!  This will depend heavily on your heart rate so I recommend investing in a heart rate monitor and looking up a table based on your age and weight to know exactly where you are and what you are doing!  Depending on your goal you can increase the cardio for more weight loss, most goals start at losing weight so doing cycles would be a great suggestion of everyone, at least once!
Muscle gaining Hypertrophy and Definition Programs:
This is probably the biggest reason that most of the world ever picks up a dumbbell.  Sure you will hear allot of “I want to leave a healthy lifestyle” and other general health statements; but there is not a person in the world that does not dream of having the six-pack that will be the envy of the beach!  Some guys want to have those big bodybuilding biceps and some girls want to have glutes that could make a guy go home and cry to their mom; this is the program that will make that happen!  Almost all workouts that you look up on-line or find or in your favorite magazine will fall into the rep range of 8-12 and be designed to maximise hypertrophy (muscle size and definition).  There are many specific types of workouts to be done to achieve this goal; super-sets (2 exercises back to back with not rest), monster-sets (3 exercises back to Back with no rest), High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and several more.  No mater what your goals are, I would start with a program for hypertrophy and then adjust your workout based on feel and needs.
No matter what bodybuilding program that you decide on, you have to stay educated and dedicated!  You will always be able to find great stuff here at!  We are with you on your journey to greatness!

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Random Thoughts On Bodybuilding Exercises

April 12th, 2011

Lift with Purpose. Bodybuilding, muscle building, lifting, personal development, functional strength manifestation. Whatever you call what you do with your body to experience more life and to enrich yourself… do it consciously. Don’t go into the gym and act like it social time, don’t sit on the bosu ball for 30 minutes while you text your friends or check in on facebook. Do something for yourself, experience your potential, experience your current limits. Get in touch with your body and feel energy flowing through you while you sweat and put huge effort forth. Make your bodybuilding exercises count for something.

How often do we get to do that in this day and age? How often can you grit your teeth and move a once imovable object? how often can you get under a bar and feel fear that it may crush you before you take a deep breath and conquor that monster that you let live in your mind? The gym is religion for me. I sacrifice my sweat, my tears and my blood and it gives me strength, emotional, mental and spiritual. The strength to move mountains in the gym gives you the strength to do it outside as well…

Just wanted to let some random thoughts about lifting out today. If you’re new to bodybuilding programs or doing any kind of weight lifting, you may not “get it” and that’s ok. I’ve been lifting a long time, and it helps to keep me balanced. When i get overwhelmed or stressed with anything in my life, work, relationships, school, business, anything, i can focus on a challenge that i create for myself and i can conquer it. By having something in your locus of control, you can reduce stress, by being successful on your own terms, you wont take any setbacks as badly. So, not only does exercise improve your body’s response to stress, but it helps to lessen it as well If you look at the benefit you receive from walking into that gym, or doing those push-ups at home, or doing those pull ups on a regular basis, you’ll find that it is hard to measure.

Challenge yourself today. Set yourself a realistic goal for 60 days from now, choose a weight to be at, a weight to lift, a distance to run, a number of pull-ups to do, pick something, and start working toward it. make yourself a plan for the next 60 days and get there. I’m currently doing a 60 day challenge with 3 bodybuilding exercises (push-up, pull up, and lunge) and getting ready for an obstacle course run, what are you going to do today?

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Tips and Advice for Bodybuilding Exercises

April 8th, 2011

For those who wish to begin to do bodybuilding exercises, these are the tips and advices to help you achieve the body you desire:

The first thing to do for a beginner is to consult first to the doctor. These will help what type of training and exercise or diet program that will fit in your body. Then you should make your goal. You should decide if you want to lose body fat and tone up your body or gain weight. You can also do both. But the problem is, it is difficult to do and will result to a zigzag diet, like gaining some weight and then losing again and doing the same routine again.

If you store body fat more than 30%, you are considered obese. In order to overcome this, you should really undergo to a serious diet. Being obese has many complications in the body, like heart problems. You must plan to have a nutritious and healthy meal. You should at least stop eating high-cholesterol foods like burgers and anything that will make you fat.

When choosing a gym. Make sure that it has the basic equipment like squat racks, benches etc. Well here is a smart tip, try to come to the gym during peak hours; you will surely finish the workout faster with the most equipment found. And, you don’t have to wait for someone to finish on your desired machine. A typical gym should have trainers and helpful staff. And the most important thing, a gym should be well sanitized, free from bacteria and other harmful organisms.

Since gym has been mentioned, you should always remember to work on your entire body, not only to your arms and chest. This will make your body proportioned and more fit to do more exercises and training. The best thing to do is doing cardiovascular exercises for beginners. This helps to gain cardiovascular strength to do more workouts.

Having a good rest is also important in bodybuilding. Having a good rest will refresh the body. Thus, you will have much more energy to do more task than before followed by a good meal. You should keep in mind that bodybuilding takes time. Just be patient in doing this task and you will surely gain what you have workout. Following these tips will surely make you ended up with frustrations. Have fun and enjoy bodybuilding! Don’t forget to invite your friends and relatives to do bodybuilding. The more, the merrier!

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Bodybuilding Guidelines for Effectivity

April 8th, 2011

There are lot of differences between a man and a woman when it comes to metabolism. Women take more time to metabolize fat than men. Women have also a difficult time to gain muscle. So for women who are planning to do bodybuilding exercises , it is important to choose the proper bodybuilding diet especially designed for those women who would like to develop their body.

Have you ever wondered why is it that it is easier for a man to develop muscles than women? It is because that man produces testosterone. These hormones are important for they are used to increase the muscular growth. So you don’t need to wonder why men have bigger muscles than women.

For some instances, you could see women who have bigger muscle built. The reason behind that is they take steroids followed by their body building diet. These steroids have synthetic testosterone thus aiding the development of the muscles. This is the reason why there are women who are muscular.

For those women who are interested in engaging which such activity, it is important that you should follow an effective bodybuilding exercises suitable for your body needs. Your body should be fit in order to achieve whatever your goal in bodybuilding is.

It would be helpful if you start with a good training that has a cardiovascular activity. This includes running on a treadmills. Cardiovascular exercises helps to lose fats. Then alternating this with weight training activities to develop and built muscles. You can also add some additional flexibility and stretching exercises.

In order to have an effective body building activity, you should know what you are eating. Since women have a slow metabolism, you should know what foods your metabolism can burn easily. Remember that excess calories on the body will become stored as body fat. So it is very important to watch your eating habits.

To overcome this, women should take a lesser amount fat and cholesterol in their diet. Since I mention about the excess calories in the body will become as a stored body fat. There are low-fat and low-cholesterol foods in the market today, such as milks and yogurt. You should include this healthy low-fat and low-cholesterol alternative in your diet in order to ensure yourself that you can develop a better muscular growth and be active in every activity that you are planning for the rest of the day or any other day.

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Bodybuilding Exercises for Bigger Arms

April 6th, 2011

I think it is a common dream of many aspiring bodybuilders to forge massive muscular and intimidating arms. Big arms show power and authority without a word. It shows strength, health, and fortitude when your shirtsleeves are straining to hold back the might that is your muscular appendages. The problem is that many guys don’t know how to work them properly in the gym to grow them bigger.

Plan Your Bodybuilding Exercises First

In another article about bodybuilding exercises we talked about how important it is to try all kinds of exercises and get a feel for what you like, especially when you are new. When it comes to building muscle and building muscle in specific areas, it is important that you make sure to have a plan for your entire body in place first. If your workouts consisted of random exercises every workout, without a real plan behind, it you would certainly get results, but they would most likely be sub optimal. You may tend to work the muscles you “like” the most without working the muscles you need to work more which would result in less muscle growth even in your favorite muscles. What do I mean? I mean if your posterior chain isn’t strong enough, your bicep curl wont go up, because your body will need to stay in balance, so by only focusing on your arms you could actually hinder your progress.

A good workout plan can keep you on track to work your whole body and focus extra time, but not too much on your arms to cause them to grow well. My favorite way to plan for bigger arms right now is to work them outside of the gym. I like this method, because i now have a few weights and a pull up bar at home. I do my regular full body pressing workout in the gym 3 days a week with 1 extra day for back and biceps, and then on top of that i add some pull-ups and push-ups daily to increase the amount of work my chest, lats, bi’s and tri’s are doing. I could change those exercises to daily curls and daily floor triceps extensions if i wanted too also. You could use this method by heading into the gym every day as well, if you have other ideas for the bodybuilding exercises that you want to do.

The More Traditional Approach

The more traditional approach that people take with this is to usually add a beach body day, which was really one of my favorite workouts to do with my workout partners. This is a day that you will come in EXTRA at the end of the week before a couple rest days so as not to interfere with your main workouts too much (Those Big Lifts Are So Important!). This day would be completely focused on looking good with a sleeveless shirt. Here is a good Beach Day workout for you to try:

Do this as an optional addition to a regular full body workout plan. Do it either every other week until your full workout is done, or 4 weeks straight followed by a week off before you get back to it or tweak it to add something new.

Lying Triceps Extensions
5 sets of 5 reps (5X5)

Paired With

Preacher Curls
5 X 5

After about 45 seconds rest

Close Grip Bench Press
5 X 5

Paired With

Reverse Preacher Curls
5 X 5


Add that into your weekly workouts and see how those bodybuilding exercises work for building you some bigger arms

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Great Bodybuilding Exercises

April 5th, 2011

When it comes to bodybuilding there is a lot to think about. Even if you aren’t getting ready for a competition but are just looking to build some serious mass, you have to get a good diet plan and a good workout program to get you to your goals. You will find all kinds of different workout progressions with different set and rep schemes as well as different volumes of weight and timing of workouts. It’s enough to make some people think there is too much to this bodybuilding thing. The trick? Just move some weight. You will have hundreds if not thousands of bodybuilding exercises to choose from if you keep searching for them and jumping from workout to workout. Pick a few and move some weight. I could tell you that the best thing would be to do the large major compound lifts until you get to a certain level, but really you just need to start moving some weight. Test some stuff out, do what you like and get started.

Try Different Bodybuilding Exercises

When I first started lifting i grabbed a super basic 6 week workout program and started adding different exercises to try during every workout. I picked all kinds of bodybuilding exercises and did far more isolation work than i probably should have, but i had fun, i got hooked, and i kept learning and kept moving weight.

Bodybuilding Exercises to Start with

In bodybuilding, you will generally do a lot more isolation work when you get to a certain level. At this point you will be picking bodybuilding exercises to focus on your weak areas in your physique. Before you get there though, you want to focus on building overall muscle mass in larger areas using good compound movements. Some of the best bodybuilding exercises to start with are the bench press, the dead lift, the leg press, the lat pull down, the weighted pull up, the incline bench press, and the glute ham raise. Once you have mastered these exercises it would be a great idea to include dumbbell and unilateral variations like the 1 arm dumbbell bench the 1 arm row, the dumbbell reverse lunge, the 1 arm dumbbell deadlift and others.

So to get started, make sure to pick a few bodybuilding exercises you like, try them out, and get started moving some weight.

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Food Stamps and Soda Pop: Thoughts?

November 4th, 2010
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Hey guys, I was just following a conversation over on One of the topics of the live spill was about the legislation being sought to ban the purchase of soda and sugary drinks from the New York food stamp program. Well as someone who is totally against soda in my own diet, and anyone’s diet and fitness plan who i know, you’d think i would be all for this, but it’s not that cut and dry. Although i like working out, lifting weights, and adhering to a great bodybuilding program and diet, I don’t think it’s a good idea for the government to be getting involved in regulation of people’s diets. Now it is a government subsidy, so things get slippy, but watch the video above and let me know what you think. I really want to hear your thoughts.

If you are looking to lose fat, and feel great, or some powerful tricks to get yourself doing what you know you should be doing, check out my ebook by clicking this link.

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Strategic Carbohydrates for Your Workout Nutrition

November 4th, 2010

Hey, Whats up?

I was just inspired to play with my new recording software and make a video for y’all.  This will tell you exactly how you should eat before during and after a workout for best results and why.  It also gives you a glimpse at some of the science behind fat burning and muscle building so that when you are working on your different bodybuilding programs, you will know what’s legit and what is just “bro-science”.

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Click Here to Get My E-book and a Premium Fat Burning Video

Also, one thing I’ll probably go into greater detail on another video is the idea of protein sparing modified fasts.  This relates to what i was saying about dropping carbs completely to lose fat.  They have done a lot of studies recently that show you will lose weight if you eat less calories than you need… duh right?  You eat small you get small, you eat big you get big.  The interesting part of the studies were that they looked at muscle loss when calories were restricted.  Subjects kept their muscle mass if they had enough protein, even if they were essentially “fasting”.   These studies are leading to a lot of people thinking differently about fasting and now “protein sparing fasting” as a fat loss plan.  I am going to experiment with something like this soon, and will let you guys know about it.

Hope you liked the Vid.  I plan on making more in the future, and I really want to know what you would like to see.  I think video block exists… right?  anyway, if you let me know what you’re looking for, i can make sure that i get you the information you want and need…so feedback would be great if you got the time :)

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Getting Leverage On yourself

January 25th, 2010

“Give me a lever long enough, and i can single handedly move the moon” – some greek guy

This quote would be incredibly relevant if we were talking about mechanical leverage, but since this article is not about specific lifts as much as it is about executing consistently on your bodybuilding workouts, the quote is just kinda “nice”

When it comes to anything worth having, such as a business, rippling abs, a powerful broad chest, expert knowledge in some area, elite level skills, or shirt ripping biceps the number one key to success is to create a simple to follow plan that you execute upon consistently. I am going to repeat that for emphasis. The number one key to success is to create a simple to follow plan that you execute upon consistently.

Keep It Simple Stevo

The first part of this very important sentence talks about a simple to follow plan. This does not mean that the plan has to be simple or that the planning of it has to be simple or elementary. What it does mean is that you have to make a plan that someone with half your brain can follow, because if the plan requires you to do work when you are tired, lazy, sick, or otherwise distracted, you still have to be able to execute. When it comes to business, you want to make sure that someone who does not have your background will be able to do what you have laid out for them without having to ask you questions. Your bodybuilding programs can have very advanced rep and set schemes with, different loading patterns etc etc etc, but if it gets any more complicated then “move big thing this way this many times” then you are doing yourself or your clients a disservice. Please don’t misunderstand me here, It is critically important that you are “fully there” when you are working out, focused and present in the moment listening to your body and focusing on your posture, movement patterns and giving it all you have got, but when it comes to thinking about what to do next, you don’t want that clogging up your mental space.

Find your own thumbscrew and TWIST!

The second part of the equation to success is consistently executing upon your plan.  By making your plan simple to follow, you have taken away one excuse for not executing, but change is hard, and habits need to be formed. the best way to perform a habit is to do whatever it is you are going to do the same way for 30 days. Studies show that habits are formed after that amount of time. for some of you, you may just go to the gym everyday like clockwork at a certain time, do your warm-up hit the weights, and you have no problem being consistent. for others of us it may get a bit more difficult than that. Your life, as you have forged it thus far, will try to get in your way of change, and make it difficult for you to make a new habit. This is where leverage comes in.

For some specific and actionable ideas on how to get leverage on yourself , you can sign up to get a free copy of our “No More Excuses Training For Building Your Physique”.

This plan lays out some of the best ways i know to get yourself to take action in building the body you want. These techniques that all those big fitness gurus don’t want you to know will really help you make changes to your body in a healthy and permanent way.

It includes techniques like “The 5 Minute Rule” for helping you to stay on track when you’re feeling tired, sick, lazy or even injured, “The Early Bird” technique to help you get up, get ready, and to the gym before you even have time to wake up and change your mind, as well as a few other great techniques and an intense bodyweight routine for when you really don’t have time or a chance to make it into your gym.

Just enter your email below and we will send it your way as a pdf so you can keep a copy or print out the workout for your reference.

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